Ian at Home

When executive chef Ian Curley comes home, he shifts gears from managing five restaurants, a few bars, a racing club, and other projects, into family mode with his partner Dr. Simone Bamford and their three girls, Cooper, Cassidy, and Cameron. The couple had their kitchen renovated to transform an awkward beige space into a clean and well-organised room, with easy-to-clean surfaces and reliable appliances.

Here, Curley shares the materials and design choices that make a home kitchen comfortable and functional for a professional chef, and shows us how he uses the space to get creative with food.

Creative Space at a Glance

Name: Ian Curley
Age: 51
Occupation: Chef Owner French Saloon, Kirk’s Wine Bar, Kirk’s Cellar Dining, as well as Consulting Chef to Melbourne Racing Club and Craig’s Royal Hotel Ballarat, to name a few.
Location: Brighton, Victoria
What’s made here: Beautiful meals for friends and family


Photos by: Louise Lakier