A New Pub and a 24-Hour “Butcher’s Diner” for Melbourne (Broadsheet)

(Photo Courtesy, Peter Tarasiuk)

First came the wine bar, then the bistro. Now there’s the pub – the third and final piece of the Kirk’s corner puzzle on Hardware Lane.

Opening this Thursday at 4pm, Kirk’s (yes, just called Kirk’s) is a pub focused on beer and food that goes well with it.

To keep the identity of the new pub separate from the other two neighbouring venues (Kirk’s Wine Bar and French Saloon), it’s largely a wine-free zone; the menu features one house red, one white and a sparkling.

“We’re very proud of what we do at the other venues, and we didn’t want to cannibalise or cheapen that by offering the same thing at the pub,” chef and co-owner Ian Curley (also of The European) explains. “We wanted to offer something completely different.”

There will be one hot meal a day rotating through dishes such as pies, meatballs and pasta. The rest are bar snacks; beer nuts, olives, tinned fish and pork scratchings – and a few more substantial dishes including Scotch eggs and terrines.

Curley, with co-owners Con Christopoulos and Josh Brisbane, has also revealed the trio will open another venue early next year.

The Butcher’s Diner, located near The European, will be open 24 hours and will serve dishes made from butcher’s offcuts, such as sausage rolls, pies and burgers. More to come on that soon.

Corner Hardware Lane and Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
(03) 9600 4550

Daily 11am–11pm