Salt Caramel



1 kg sugar

Enough water to just wet sugar

600 ml clotted cream

200 g butter

30 g fleur de sal salt



  • Make a caramel with the sugar and water
  • Break the caramel with the cream and salt
  • Set in containers

Peanut base



500 g peanuts roasted

8 g salt

400 g milk chocolate melted

500 g hazelnut praline paste

250 g fointine



  • Blitz nuts and salt in robot
  • Mix melted chocolate with praline paste
  • Mix all ingredients together
  • Spread on a flat tray to crumble later

Chocolate Mousse

400 g cream

80 g yolk

40 g sugar

180 g Maralumi 64% dark chocolate

  • Boil cream and sugar
  • Pour over yolks
  • Return back to stove and cook out for 1 minute
  • Strain over chocolate while still hot, mix together
  • Pour into piping bags



  • In half sphere moulds, pipe a small amount of mousse in each
  • Using a spoon push up the sides, allowing room for crumbled peanut base and salt caramel inside
  • Using a palette knife “close” with more mousse until flush and set in blast chiller
  • When cold , join two half spheres  with a tiny amount of mousse and rub the join so it becomes smooth


Coating recipe


400 g Maralumi 64% dark chocolate

400 g cocoa butter

* Melt over double boiler, dip and  sprinkle with fleur de sal salt (tiny amount) and chill


Sour cream sorbet


1 litre sour cream

500 ml milk

1 tsp stabiliser

450g sugar

450 ml water

2 lime zest

½ stalk lemongrass

3 teaspoons glucose

1 vanilla bean

100 ml grand Marnier



  • Mix all ingredients except for sour cream and milk together in a pot and bring to boil
  • Cool and then add sour cream and milk
  • Sieve and churn





900 ml water

900 g sugar

540 g dark chocolate

80 g cocoa powder

90 g glucose

60 g corn starch



  • In a large pot add water, sugar, chocolate, cocoa and glucose
  • Bring to the boil stirring constantly as it will catch quickly
  • Add cornstarch (mixed with water) and bring back to the boil
  • Pass




500 g raw unsalted peanuts

300g sugar

150 ml water



  • Heat sugar and water to 121 degrees
  • Add peanuts and stir until mixture crystallises and then turns into caramel
  • Tip onto  baking sheet and cool

Take half these nuts, roll in melted dark chocolate and coat modestly in cocoa, then in gold dust.



115 g sugar

340 g glucose

250 ml water

½ teaspoon salt

300 g unsalted peanuts chopped

2 tablespoons butter

2 teaspoons bicarb



  • Heat sugar , water and glucose to 121 degrees
  • Add salt and peanuts at this point and cook to 143 degrees
  • Mix in butter  and bicarb and then tip onto baking sheet to cool

Chocolate Shard (24 shards)



350 g melted compound chocolate

100 g caramelised peanuts (roughly chopped)



  • Using a palette knife, spread melted chocolate over a baking sheet and sprinkle with chopped nuts
  • Wait to set and neaten edges so they are straight
  • With a knife cut strips 12x 1 cm strips
  • Store in an airtight container with layers of greaseproof in between each layer

To serve 

Place all elements on the plate as you see, the peanut brittle is microplaned over the entire plate just before sending.