3    size 25 ducks, boned & diced

1.2kg   Veal mince

1.2kg         Pork mince

500g          Pork fat, minced

400g          Duck livers

250g          Pistachio kernels

2                Tblspns green peppercorns

800ml        Cream

2          Tblspns 5-spice powder

1          Tblspn Allspice

1          Tblspn Ground cloves

Pinch   Nutmeg

50g      Sea Salt

50g      Freshly milled Black Pepper

1 kg     Pitted prunes soaked in hot port

2.5kg   Streaky Bacon

  • Bone ducks & cut meat into large dice (2.5cm)
  • Mix duck meat with remaining ingredients in a large stainless steel bowl. Add some more cream is farce is too stiff.
  • Cook a small amount of the farce & check the seasonings, adjust accordingly.
  • Line 4 terrine moulds with cling film, then streaky bacon allowing enough bacon to overlap & completely encase the terrine.
  • Half fill the moulds with farce, place a line of prunes in the centre add remaining farce, overlap the bacon, then overlap the cling film, then wrap the tops of the terrines with foil.
  • Place the bain-maries & cook for 20 minutes @ 160ºC, then drop the temperature to 140ºC & continue to cook for another 20-25 minutes. When the core temperature temperature is 57-58ºC they are cooked sufficiently.
  • Remove terrines from bain-maries & allow to cool on a wire rack to room temperature. Then place weights on top of them & put them into the coolroom overnight.
  • Once the terrines are pressed, they should then be removed from the terrine moulds, wiped clean (with paper), then cryovac-packed & dated.
  • The terrine is sliced to 1 cm thick (140g portion) and rubbed with a drizzle of EVOO & topped with a pinch of flaked sea salt.
  • It is served on a main course plate with a salad of herbs, capers, sliced pickled onion & sliced pickled cucumber, dressed with EVOO. Also 1 Tblspn Piccalilli, 1 slice (long) toasted sourdough baguette brushed with oil.

Pickled Carrot Puree

2                      Carrots diced

200 ml             Muscatel vinaigrette reduction

Bay leaf and thyme

2 tbsp              Honey

2 tbsp              Butter

Vac pack carrots, vinegar and herbs, place in sous vide till tender

Blitz in jug blender, adding the butter, honey and seasoning till smooth and glossy



Pickled Carrots


Sliced baby heirloom carrots

1 cinnamon stick, 3 star anise and 4-5 cloves

Muscatel vinaigrette reduction (house dressing)

Combine all ingredients, bring to the simmer, turn off

Let cool, vac pac, use when required

Pickled cucumber

Cut cucumber into cubes, vac pack with muscatel vinaigrette reduction

Port Soaked currents


Heat port, pour over currents, cool, use as required