Farmers race to eat beef with Curls

King island farmers have been invited to an exclusive race day celebration of their premium grass-fed beef. The opening day of King island race club’s 2016-17 season on december 3rd is “eat your beef ” with celebrity chef ian ‘curls’ curley and acclaimed winemaker Justin arnold of ghost rock wines. centre stage with curls will be a prime King island cattle company’s two year old Hereford 480kg steer, which will have been hung for four weeks prior to “eat your beef ”. “eat your beef ” organiser shannon cooper given the task of creating a “beef day” for the race club, invited the two beef and wine luminaries to host King island farmers. “i pictured a celebration, a rare opportunity to see how passionate wine and food people revere our King island beef and to enjoy it with us,” said shannon.

The opening King island race club day, will see the Williams brother’s Post overflowing with farmers dressed for Flemington at the invitation only event. ian ‘curls’ curly is executive chef of  The european group venues and owner of Kirk’s Wine bar and the newly opened French saloon, ian curley must be one of the busiest chef ’s in melbourne.

With ten venues, 12 kitchens and multiple menus to oversee, his work is never done. ian curley loves the idea of feeding the industry and giving back to it. Justin arnold winemaker at the five star Tasmanian ghost rock has teamed up to wine and dine beef farmers with an extravagant beef session.

Without giving away too much of the exciting menu, curls outlined his “eat your beef ” plans. “i’m bringing my butcher and two head chefs, one from The european and one from The saloon, to “eat your beef ”,” he told the Kicourier. “i’ve been a fan of King island beef, through my long friendship with gilbert cabral of Tasman meats, so coming to cook for the island’s farmers, producers of such amazing beef, i’m honoured and excited. “shannon has organised for one of her happy healthy King island steers to be hung at russell’s butchery, a month ago. “We are going to give a demonstration of how we butcher dry aged beef and some of the ways we like to eat just about every bit of it,” he said. “We will have a bbQ set up and be braising and searing a feast.

We will invite farmers up to help us. “but it wont just be about the bbQ, we have had some Jbs King island beef cuts already sent to us which we have been preparing in ways i know will get our guests excited. “dry ageing has been the way we have eaten meat for thousands of years, it’s a natural tenderising process with amazing results. “dry aged beef has a different taste and mouth to it, with sumptuous caramelising properties. There’s nothing like it and i know King island farmers will love the exceptional taste of dry aged grass fed beef,” said curls. Justin arnold’s wine is a perfect fit for King…

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