Ian on ABC Radio

Chef Ian Curley meets food-loving chorister Domenica Leone and doctors Pietro and Sandro Demaio.

Listen to Ian on ABC radio:


Jon Faine’s co-host is Toltu Tufa. She is the founder and director of Afaan Publications (an initiative dedicated to creating high quality educational tools for children in the Oromo language).

Their first guest is Ian Curley. He’s Executive Chef of the European Group Restaurants, owner of Kirks Wine Bar and chef consultant to the Melbourne Racing Club. Ian has contributed to the new Great Chefs Cookbook: Commemorating 75 years of William Angliss Institute.


Then they are joined by Domenica Leone, Pietro Demaio, and his son Alessandro Demaio.

Domenica Leone is a member of La Voce della Luna choir which recently launched its 3rd album: Songs of Motherland.

Dr Pietro Demaio is a Melbourne GP, and the author and publisher of Preserving The Italian Way.


Dr Alessandro Demaio is the founder and director offestival21, and Medical Officer for noncommunicable conditions and nutrition at the World Health Organization, Geneva.

festival21: our future through food.
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
next Friday 11 December, 2015

La Voce della Luna are performing in the plenary session of Festival21