150gm             Baby snapper fillet, pin boned

1                      Morton bay bug meat, sliced

1                      Baby calamari body, sliced fine

50 gm              Shaved Baby fennel

Basil leaves

Diced off cuts of Snapper

Red Vein sorrel leaves

Blanched citrus zest


Eggplant caviar

6                      Eggplant

2 Tbsp             Sliced garlic


Salt and pepper



Cut eggplant in half score, place sliced garlic and thyme, season, put back together, wrap in foil and bake till soft.

Scrape out flesh, mash with fork, season


Tomato Compote

1                      Red Pepper

8                      Tomatoes

3 tbsp              Extra virgin Olive oil

1 large             Red onion, fine dice

2 clove             Garlic

1 tsp                Brown Sugar

50 ml               Sherry

50 ml               Sherry Vinegar

2                      Bullet Chilli, deseeded


Peel the red pepper, cut into 5mm dice

Peel and deseed tomato, into rough 5mm dice

Saute onion and red pepper in olive oil with a pinch of salt and pepper till soft.

Add garlic, cook for a minute,

Add Sherry and sherry vinegar

Add tomato and cook gently for 20 minutes until rich and excess liquid has gone

Add of sugar and season to taste

Squid ink Taramasalata

100 g               Tarama paste

2 slices thick    white bread or ¼ Alaysa Turkish bread

1 clove             garlic, crushed

juice of one     lemon

250 ml             vegetable oil

250 ml             olive oil

Approximately 100ml ice cold water

1/2 Tsp                        Squid ink

-Soak bread in a little water then squeeze excess out

-Puree garlic, bread & tarama in robot coupe (or processor) until smooth

-Then with machine running slowly add lemon juice, then oils as one would when making mayonnaise.

-Used iced water to let down the mix if it gets too thick

-Check for seasoning, it may need more lemon juice if it is to salty

-Place in suitable container (preferably a plastic bucket with a sealable lid)

-Allow to sit in fridge for at least 30 minutes so the flavours can combine.

To Serve

Pan fry seasoned snapper fillet skin side down to crisp the skin, flip over and top with citrus zest and bottarga.

Sautee shaved fennel, add fish dice, cook, add egg plant caviar, tomato compote  warm through, add the and basil leaves

Saute Bug meat and calamari, season

To Plate

Spoon Eggplant caviar  mixture in the center of the plate,

Top with sautéed calamari and bug meat

Dot tarama around the centre

Top with snapper

Garnish with red vein sorrel leaves, basil oil and bottarga