New York Cheesecake

Crunchy Base

480gm                   Crumble mix

400 gm  Croquantine (Fointine)

400gm                   White Chocolate

Mix all ingredients together

Crumble mix

150gm   Butter cold

150 gm  Brown Sugar

150 gm  Flour

150 gm Raw Almonds

Place everything in a food processor and blitz then bake till golden

Joconde biscuit

480gm                   almond powder

160gm                   sugar

80gm                     inverted sugar

800gm                   eggs

32gm                     orange zest

480gm                   egg whites

320gm                   sugar

240gm                   butter melted

160gm                   flour sifted

Beat almond powder, first quantity of sugar, invert sugar, eggs and orange zest in a mixer till thick.

Gently whip egg whites with second quantity of sugar to form soft peaks.

Fold the almond mix with whites gently.

Fold in melted butter and then flour

Spread out onto trays and bake at 200 C for 5 minutes.

Tropical curd

260gm                   Egg Yolk

160gm                   Egg

180gm                   Sugar

260ml                    Cream

200gm                   Mango puree

200gm                   Pineapple puree

100gm                   passionfruit

100ml                    Lime juice

14gm                     Gelatine leaves

340gm                   Butter

Warm up all ingredients except gelatin and butter to 85 C, Add bloomed gelatin then incorporate cold butter then blend with stick blender.

Cream cheese mousse

500gm                   White chocolate

500gm                   Crème Anglaise

20gm                     Gelatine leaves

500gm                   Natural Yoghurt

500gm                   Cream Cheese

500gm                   Whipped cream

Blitz yoghurt and cream cheese together, set aside.

Make anglaise, add soaked gelatin, strain over white chocolate, stir to melt.

Fold anglaise into yoghurt mix, then fold in whipped cream.

Crème Anglaise

280ml                    Milk

280ml                    Cream

50gm                     Sugar

110gm                   Egg yolk

Boil milk and cream,

Mix sugar and yolks, before adding to milk and cream mixture, cook out to 85C

(Remember to weigh to 500gm)

Citrus gel

300ml                    Passion fruit

300ml                    Lime  Juice

400ml                    Orange juice

1 ltr                        Stock Syrup 1:1

3Tbsp                    Agar agar

Honey popcorn

1 bag                     Lightly salted popcorn

60gm                     Honey

120 gm                 Sugar

50 gm                    Butter


First layer crunchy base, then Tropical curd, then small layer of mousse.

Then layer of sponge, then a thin layer of curd and finish with mousse, freeze.

Portion into logs, then glaze with Cocoa Brilliant White (Felchlin) let out with a little sugar syrup.

Cut logs into portions.

Garnish with fresh passion fruit, Orange segments, clotted cream, citrus Gel and honey popcorn